Apply for the CSR Impact Survey 2020/2021

The CSR UAE’s Impact Survey focuses on CSR, sustainability and social impact and has been developed to:

1- Promote a uniform standard for CSR, sustainability and social impact for the UAE based on international indicators and national priorities

2- Support entities by authenticating, verifying, recognizing and elevating/enhancing their sustainability methods and practices

3- Enhance UAE’s global competitiveness through providing insights and recommendations to support decision makers in the field of sustainability, CSR and social impact.

4- Download the survey overview document

Data collected through the Impact Survey will be used for both the “Impact Index: UAE entities ESG & SDGs performance” and Impact Certification.

The Impact Certification is the official federal recognition for UAE entities’ sustainability and CSR practices. It has been developed to assess entities’ commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) policies, programs and initiatives. Participating entities will also receive tailored feedback on their submissions including recommendations on how to improve and develop their practices in line with the ESG and SDGs priorities.

Based on the assessment metrics, top performing entities will be awarded one of three ranking levels: Silver, Gold or Platinum along with privileges. The country’s Top 50 most socially responsible entities will also be showcased in the “Impact Index: UAE entities ESG & SDGs performance” report in celebration of the UAE’s Golden Jubilee.

The Impact Survey will ultimately help entities develop and grow their sustainability and CSR practices in the UAE, recognize and reward best practices through the Impact Certification and its privileges, and will feed into the Impact Index, further supporting the UAE’s competitiveness worldwide. If you require any further clarifications are facing any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact

  • This survey has been developed to assess business entities. This survey is comprised of insight questions and scored questions.
  • For scored questions, each question will be given a score between 1-5.
  • Business entities are not obligated, but highly encouraged to upload relevant supporting documents to build a stronger case.
  • These documents will serve as additional support for assessors and may help in achieving a higher score.
  • Assessors have the right to assign a lower score if sufficient narrative or proof has not been provided.

The survey is based on the assessment criteria weighted below:

  1. National Priorities & In Country Value (ICV) (40%)
  2. Strategy and Governance (15%)
  3. Impact Measurement (20%)
  4. Innovation (20%)
  5. Stakeholder Engagement (5%)