What is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] is becoming the globally brightest endeavor to secure the wellbeing of both mankind and nature. In definition, CSR denotes various forms of voluntary activities organizations carry out to achieve economic and social goals, adopting and encouraging a positive impact on the overall environment where such organizations operate. The recent sense of corporate in CSR extends to go beyond commercial, profit-making entities to cover not-for-profit organizations and even government agencies. Under the current unprecedented rapid growth in the awareness of the importance of corporate social responsibility, the future of many organizations is becoming largely incumbent to how far entities are committed to practicing the CSR concept in the countries where they exist and operate.

What practices are covered by CSR?

CSR Practices include:

  • Contribution to the development of the society in the economic, social and environmental fields through the provision of contributions (cash and/or in-kind) to invest in the development projects in the country to which the terms and conditions are approved by the Board of Trustees.
  • Adopting friendly environmental policies in production, work and contribution to the dissemination of health and security behavior.
  • To promote the spirit of innovation and scientific research, and to contribute to providing solutions to the problems or challenges facing the society.
  • Develop a strategy to establish a culture of corporate responsibility in companies / enterprises and provide opportunities for the development of humanitarian and community campaigns and initiatives, and engage in volunteer programs.
How can I register on the CSR Smart Platform?

To register on the Platform, visit the registration page, complete the Registration Form, pay the fees, and follow other instructions to create your company account on the CSR Smart Platform Registration steps:

  • A company applies for registration through the registration page link: https://www.csruae.ae/en/register/company
  • The dedicated CSR team approves the company registration request.
  • The company receives an Email including the approval on its registration request, user name and password; afterwards, the company completes its account data on the platform as per the form provided on the company’s account page.
Does the registration require an annual renewal?

Yes, registration at the Platform requires an annual renewal as of the date of account creation on the CSR Platform.

What are the fees required for CSR Smart Platform registration?
  • The contribution to the membership on the smart platform shall be 100 dirhams in favor of the National Fund. This contribution shall be considered part of the contribution to social responsibility. Membership of the platform shall be renewed annually at the amount of 100 hundred dirhams.
  • The registered company may contribute AED 10,000 if it wishes to apply for the CSR Label.
  • The registered company shall contribute (AED 15,000) fifteen thousand dirham if it wishes to compete for the CSR Passport.
What types of companies are eligible to register in the CSR Smart Platform?

Registration on the CSR Smart Platform is mandatory in the following cases:

  • Local commercial companies in all their legal forms, including companies excluded from the provisions of Federal Law No. (2) for the year 2015 regarding commercial companies
  • Branches of international companies operating in the country.
  • Companies owned by the federal or the local government, directly or indirectly, or have a share of their contribution.

While registration is optional for:

  • Civil and professional companies, individual institutions as well as companies operating in the free zones of the country and cooperative societies.
Can I make a direct financial contribution through the CSR Smart Platform in support of other non-platform listed projects?

The CSR Smart Platform provides the facility to make direct financial contribution in support of approved CSR projects listed on the platform. The points in the CSR National Index are computed electronically when making a financial contribution from the company or institution.
However, companies and institutions financially contributing to CSR projects, initiatives and programs not listed on the Platform during 2017, are requested to disclose such contributions through the Platform and provide supporting documents to obtain the points that will be added to the company's score points on the CSR National Index after the necessary audits and checks.
Does the CSR financial contribution require the submission of the total project funding requirements on the platform, or is the partial contribution of financing the project cost an option?
The contribution to CSR is optional. This also applies to the value amount of the contribution. A registered company can determine the amount of contribution and thus provide part or all of the cost of the project in which it wishes to contribute. The CSR Smart Platform provides this option to all registered companies.

Are there any points calculated on the CSR National Index for in-kind contributions?

CSR contributions should be financial. Points for in-kind contributions will not be considered at this time.

How can I support and contribute to CSR?

You may contribute to CSR and support UAE’s community development through several ways, including:

  • Direct financial contribution by supporting CSR projects listed on the CSR Smart Platform:

    Contribution steps:

    • Companies submit their request for contribution to one of the projects listed on the platform
    • The dedicated CSR team approves the said request.
    • The concerned company receives an Email including the approval on its request; it will also include the details of the beneficiary bank account.
    • Contribution points are added in the company’s account on the platform.
  • Indirect financial or in-kind contribution to CSR projects, programs, initiatives and activities not included in the CSR Smart Platform. The Company should disclose its contributions via the CSR Smart Platform in accordance with the Disclosure Terms (the prescribed Form). Click here
  • Send CSR events organized by your company, such as CSR-relevant workshops introducing CSR projects and raising public awareness about CSR, etc.;
  • Regular and effective participation in CSR forums and committees organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the affiliate Emirate; and/or
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the community and its members by applying for the CSR Label and CSR passport
Are there any points calculated on the CSR National Index for financial contributions to CSR projects/initiatives/ programs implemented outside the UAE?

For the time being, financial contributions are limited to CSR projects, listed on the CSR Smart Platform, based in UAE and these only are considered for points. Contributions to projects/initiatives based out of UAE are not considered for point calculation.
Contributions will not be taken for projects outside the UAE.

When the Annual Announcement of CSR Results?

CSR Annual Results are announced during the Annual Announcement of CSR Results event held in conjunction with Zayed Humanitarian Day.

What is the CSR Membership Badge?

CSR Membership Badge is a mechanism to honor and show appreciation to the efforts exerted by companies contributing to social causes, using the Projects List on the CSR Smart Platform.
In no way does the CSR Membership Badge represent any category of the CSR Label separately granted to companies of social giving excellence and after completing a number of steps including submission, disclosure, assessment etc.

What is the CSR Label?

CSR Label is a form of national recognition awarded to private-sector organizations embracing CSR policies and procedures. It reflects organizations’ commitment to contribute to the welfare of community. A CSR Label is valid for one year from the date of awarding.

What are the different levels of CSR Label?

CSR Label comes in three categories as follows:

  • The CSR Platinum Label
  • The CSR Gold Label
  • The CSR Silver Label
What types of companies are eligible to apply for the CSR Label?

All companies and institutions with active subscription to the CSR Smart Platform and a score on the CSR National Index, other than those registered in the UAE Free Zones (currently), are eligible to apply for the CSR Label. Applications to get a CSR Label are subject to review in accordance with approved criteria.

What is the CSR Passport?

CSR Passport is a reward program exclusively designed to honor the top five companies with CSR excellence. To qualify for a CSR Passport, a private-sector organization will have to support unique, innovative 3-year CSR projects addressing national priorities of the UAE. A CSR Passport offers a number of exclusive corporate privileges and opportunities, paving the way for a better reputation in the relevant business sector.

What types of companies are eligible to apply for the CSR Passport?

All companies and institutions with active subscription in the CSR Smart Platform and a balance of points on the CSR National Index – excluding the companies registered at UAE Free Zones are eligible to apply for the CSR Passport. Applications are subject to review by a professional evaluation committee, in accordance with approved criteria.

Is the CSR Disclosure mandatory?

It is necessary for listed companies to disclose, through the Platform, their contribution or non-contribution to CSR projects upon the renewal of registration or license with the competent authority during the year preceding the date of renewal/registration. In case of any CSR contributions made by the company, the disclosure should detail all data and information related to the type and size of the contribution and respective entity(ies)/beneficiary(ies).

What are the disclosure requirements for the CSR contribution?

It is necessary for listed companies to provide to the competent authority a proof that the company has used the Platform to disclose their (cash / in-kind) contribution or non-contribution to CSR projects upon the renewal of registration or license.

What are the consequences for the company in case of failure to comply with disclosure requirements of the CSR contribution or manipulation of supporting documents and papers?
  • Accountability in accordance with relevant legislation.
  • Preventing the company from participating in any activities or enjoying any privileges and incentives in accordance with the CSR Track.
  • Put the company in a blacklist.
My company is about to implement a CSR project, can I add the project to the CSR Smart Platform in order to obtain contributions to finance the project?

Yes, MoE-approved entities may submit CSR Project Proposal via the CSR Project Proposals webpage, provided that such proposals comply with the terms, conditions, requirements and definition of CSR projects. These proposals will be subject to review and audit by a competent committee before being approved and added to the CSR Smart Platform.
Clear and detailed memorandums of understanding will be concluded with the parties submitting proposals for the CSR projects, which will include comprehensive details on the responsibilities of the applicant and the community impact of the project.